Why is sales training important for your organization?

Sales training is important for employees to develop interpersonal and technical skills to close deals for your organization, as well as create new sales opportunities. It helps to effectively communicate the value of your products or services to customers and ramp up your organization’s sales. Curating customized training courses that incorporate standard sales competencies and the techniques specific to your organization helps equip your representatives with the skills they need to do their job well.


Benefits of using an LMS for sales training


Automated training

Online sales training software automates the curation, management, and delivery of online courses. Authors can spend more time creating customized sales training courses for your organization instead of spending time on repeated tasks.


Lower training costs

Using a learning management system for sales training reduces the venue and instructor costs involved in traditional classroom training.


Collaborative learning

Sales enablement tools facilitate collaboration with other sales reps and instructors. Sales people can interact with other representatives, discuss different customer experiences, and gain expertise from each other.


Tracking and reporting

Some online sales training tools have built-in reporting capabilities with which you can generate reports to measure training engagement, completion rates, and overall performance. You can understand the effectiveness of your courses, identify areas of improvement, and modify your training material accordingly.


Sales onboarding

Sales onboarding training helps new reps understand your organization’s processes and learn about the product they need to sell. Using an LMS creates a centralized learning source for sales reps to improve their selling abilities and become productive within the first few days of the job.


Easy access to
training materials

Implementing sales enablement software ensures sales representatives have 24/7 access to their training courses. They can go through their sales training anywhere, at any time, and at a convenient pace.

How can Zoho Learn help with
sales training?

Zoho Learn provides a comprehensive platform to create and manage customized sales training courses, test the knowledge and sales skills of your reps, and track their progress. It provides the tools to simplify the training process and build a well-equipped sales team to maximize your organization’s profits.


Build top sales
training programs

Create up-to-date and interactive sales training courses with Zoho Learn’s course builder. Use a variety of lesson material types, including text, video, audio, and images to create highly-customized courses.


Test the sales skills
of reps

Create quizzes to gauge your sales reps’ knowledge of the product and techniques. Add assignments that require sales employees to present pitches, product overviews, and demos. Evaluate their submissions and provide feedback and suggestions to improve sales performance.


Track sales training programs

With Zoho Learn’s real-time reporting and analytics, you can track the performance of individual sales reps and ensure they meet their learning goals. You can also identify areas where your sales team is lagging behind and deliver more specialized training.


Encourage discussions on course subjects

Zoho Learn’s discussion boards provide a platform to promote collaborative learning. Sales representatives can post questions and ideas on topics to participate in conversations with instructors.


Build a common repository

With Zoho Learn’s manuals, you can gather, organize, and share all sales-related documents such as customer details, quotes, contracts, agreements, and more. This reduces the risk of losing important information and enables your sales team to access the documents any time, anywhere.