What is an internal knowledge base?

Whenever a new task is assigned to employees, they start searching for information that can help them complete the task. They dig into old emails and shared folders to find answers without asking other employees.

Searching and gathering knowledge from multiple sources can be time-consuming, and often employees may not find what they’re seeking. It’s essential to create a pool of knowledge for everybody in your organization to create, share, and update knowledge to provide relevant information to employees and help them stay updated.

An internal knowledge base is a knowledge base set up for a company’s internal use. It helps to consolidate all of your team’s knowledge in one place and provide employees with the necessary information to get everyone on the same page. It provides a centralized, comprehensive, and searchable system to share organizational knowledge with your employees.

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What difficulties do employees face without an internal knowledge base tool?

Loss of valuable information

When employees do not collaborate around knowledge, there is a lack of information flow from one employee to the other. Also, when employees leave your organization, they take their knowledge with them, and there is no way to make sure that the information is contained in the organization.

Absence of a single source of truth

When knowledge is scattered across several sources such as emails and digital folders, employees don’t have a trusted source of information for your organization. There can be multiple copies of the same document, and the employees will not be able to ensure that the information available to them is up-to-date.

Lack of collaboration

When employees don’t find quick resolutions to their problems, they may not be as engaged with their work, which could affect the overall productivity of the organization. Also, not all employees in an organization work from the same location. Without an internal knowledge base in place, they may not be able to collaborate with each other and provide feedback to make sure all the information is accurate.

How can an internal knowledge base software help your employees?

Having an internal knowledge sharing tool for your company’s information provides a workspace where employees can collaborate, give feedback, and create organizational resources that are easy to find.
Building a strong internal company knowledge base can make your employees self-sufficient, and their learning processes can become a part of their everyday activities. It also provides an environment for all employees in the organization to come together, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems with their collective experience.

When information is readily available, employees know where to go immediately to find a particular piece of information and make informed decisions for their everyday tasks.

Zoho Learn as an internal knowledge base tool

Using Zoho Learn as an internal knowledge base software ensures the right information is made available at the right time. It provides a platform where employees can come together to create, share, and utilize knowledge. They can have quick access to information, which helps them to save time and increase their productivity at work.

Create content with our rich editor

Zoho Learn’s collaborative editor, which features rich formatting options, provides an environment where employees can create appealing and easy-to-read content together. You can use our ready-to-use templates, or build and reuse your own templates to save time and effort. You can also keep track of the changes in your content and restore to a previous version at any point in time.

Organize knowledge in an easy-to-find structure

Zoho Learn has a built-in hierarchy that organizes content in a way that is easy to navigate. In Zoho Learn, knowledge exists in the form of Articles. You can group related articles into Manuals. You can further organize the Articles into Chapters inside a Manual. This structured hierarchy, combined with a powerful search tool, helps employees find solutions to their problems in a couple of clicks.

Share knowledge and collaborate with other employees

Zoho Learn helps you share your organization’s knowledge securely and makes sure there is no chance of an information leak. Manual permissions can be established for employees, depending on their roles and responsibilities. Learn’s social knowledge sharing capabilities help employees educate each other by having discussions using comments and replies. The activity timeline and the built-in notifications make sure that every employee in the organization stays on the same page.

Retrieve answers from your knowledge pool

Zoho Learn helps employees to find what they need with no effort. With robust searching capabilities, you can easily search with words or phrases and locate the right articles. You can also find Articles and files that contain the exact match, synonyms, misspellings, or other variants of the search word, and see suggestions for Manuals and Spaces that match your search word.

Gather all your team's knowledge in one place.