How can employee training improve the overall productivity of your organization?

Training helps employees acquire new knowledge, sharpen existing skills, and cultivate values that are required to take up everyday tasks in a corporate environment. This increases their productivity, which in turn benefits the overall growth and future of the organization.

Here are some benefits of using employee training software:

  • Reduces time and cost involved in classroom training.
  • Creates a central location for all training resources.
  • Provides scalability for any number of employees.
  • Enables reusability of course content.
  • Ensures learners have access to courses from any device.
  • Provides freedom for learners to complete training at their own pace.

Key features of employee training software

User-friendly interface

An important advantage of using online training software is its ease of use and access. The tool has to be intuitive enough for any user with or without technical expertise to navigate through the application. It should help course authors and learners spend more time creating courses and learning rather than learning how to use the application.


Reporting provides quantitative insights into course effectiveness and employee progress. These metrics help you check to make sure your training program aligns with your objectives. Metrics also help you identify any gaps and allow you to tailor your courses depending on the analysis.

Assessment capabilities

Assessments help course instructors gauge the understanding of learners and test the improvement in their skills. Employee training management software should provide a range of assessment tools to test learners in different areas of training.

Brand integration

The employee training tool should provide options to customize the appearance of your courses to match your brand. Integrating your brand into the platform creates a familiar environment for employees and increases their engagement in training programs.

Collaborative learning

When training is conducted online, employees may feel disconnected and experience a sense of isolation. Online training software should provide collaboration tools to engage in discussions and knowledge sharing with peers and course instructors.

Feedback system

A feedback loop is essential to understanding if the training helps in achieving individual and organizational goals. Training software for employees should have a feedback system in place that enables both employers and employees to provide suggestions to each other.

How can Zoho Learn help you improve employee training?

Easy course creation and delivery

Zoho Learn comes with an intuitive course builder that you can use to create highly customized courses. You can add text, documents, and multimedia to your lessons to make your training more engaging. It also comes with customization options to modify your course’s appearance and behavior depending on your organization’s needs. With our scheduling options, you can even schedule delivery of your course content in parts.

Varied assessment options

Use our quiz and assignment tools to design tests, exams, knowledge checks, or projects depending on your assessment objectives. Evaluate employee submissions and provide customized feedback and suggestions to improve their knowledge and skills.

Effective collaboration

Zoho Learn’s discussion boards provide a platform to facilitate collaboration with instructors. Employees can post questions and ideas on topics covered in the courses and gain extended knowledge and expertise.


Recognize employee efforts and reward them with personalized course completion certificates. With our certification option, you can choose from a variety of certificate designs and customize your certificates.

Training on-the-go

Zoho Learn’s iOS and Android applications facilitate access to your training platform from the comfort of mobile phones. Employees can complete training, explore courses, submit quizzes and assignments, receive feedback, and participate in discussions without the need to be physically present at their workspace.

Built-in reporting tools

With Zoho Learn’s real-time reporting and analytics, you can track individual employees’ performance and their engagement in your courses. You can get useful insights into course and user reports to analyze any gaps so that you can tailor your training accordingly.

Compliance options

Zoho Learn’s lesson acknowledgment settings allow you to include an acknowledgment checkbox at the end of each lesson to enforce mandatory reading. The acknowledgment serves as proof to ensure that employees have completed the training program.