How PlanOmatic uses Zoho Learn to provide an enjoyable learning experience to its contractors.

About the company

Founded in 2005, PlanOmatic is the biggest, fastest provider of Property Insights, 3D tours, photography, and floor plans for real estate nationwide. Headquartered in Denver, CO, they are best known for their high-quality 3D tours, superior customer care, and for being a technology leader in the industry. Their service areas span 75%+ of the US population.

Challenges before using Zoho Learn

Before discovering Zoho Learn, PlanOmatic had used a couple of training platforms to educate their contractors. Balancing the amount of information they wanted to give their contractors was always a challenge for them.

"When you present a significant amount of information to new contractors, there is always a chance that most of them don't read through the materials," says Gregg Ferraris, a senior photographer coordinator at PlanOmatic. "We didn't want to give them too much information, nor did we want to give them too little information. We needed to give them the right information in a concise manner to make sure they did their job competently and to ensure their learning experience was enjoyable and not drudgery.”

"The best part about Zoho Learn is that all our learning resides in one place.  "Sarah Tilyou,Contractor Lead,PlanOmatic.

How has Zoho Learn impacted their business?

Zoho Learn has been beneficial for training contractors on a very specific portion of what the company does and the services they provide their clients. PlanOmatic found that the learning module in Zoho Learn has been a better way to guide new contractors on what they need to learn and understand to do their job. Zoho Learn helps them achieve this in a much more structured method.

PlanOmatic likes the ability to make structured courses in Zoho Learn where their contractors have to review the content, watch videos, and potentially answer questions instead of just studying documents featuring only pictures or information. Zoho Learn provides a more dynamic training experience that better engages the learner.

"We get to know that they are looking at the training material and reviewing information," Gregg says. "Usually when we share documents and orientation material as files with contractors and ask them to perform onsite, they can get confused. To guide them through the process before they get out on site, an instructional method is most suitable. This is where Zoho Learn comes into play."

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