A corporate learning management system (LMS) for your organization

Upskill your employees and external workforce to fulfill your business objectives with our corporate LMS.


Training for every audience in your organization

Employee training

Prepare employees to accomplish their duties and expand their skills and knowledge for their growth.

Customer training

Equip your customers with the information required to use your products or services to the fullest and produce satisfied customers.

Partner training

Deliver expert training to help partners provide effective solutions for different customer problems and increase the sale of your products or services.

enterprise training

Extend training to your entire business ecosystem to enable collaboration and drive revenue.

Create engaging corporate training programs with Zoho Learn


Course creation and delivery

Zoho Learn’s course builder allows you to craft highly engaging courses by incorporating multimedia, documents, and text into your lessons. It provides flexible customization features, allowing you to tailor the behavior of your corporate training materials.


Assessment tools

Seamlessly incorporate quizzes, tests, exams, knowledge checks, or assignments into your courses to assess your learners’ comprehension of the training they’ve completed. Evaluate their responses and assignments, and offer valuable feedback to foster their learning.



Gain valuable insights into individual learner performance and course engagement through Zoho Learn’s real-time reporting and analytics. Track progress and access detailed user reports to identify areas for improvement and tailor your training to effectively bridge any gaps in learning.



Customize your course delivery to create unique learning experiences that align perfectly with your brand and engage your learners effectively. Tailor the appearance of your courses with options to customize color themes, course player navigation, and banner images.


Mobile learning

With Zoho Learn's iOS and Android applications, learners can seamlessly complete training modules, explore courses, submit quizzes and assignments, receive prompt feedback, and actively engage in discussions without being tied to their physical workspace.



Acknowledge learner efforts by granting them personalized course completion certificates. With our certification feature, you can select from a diverse range of certificate designs and further customize them to reflect your organization’s branding and style.


Compliance settings

Utilize Zoho Learn’s lesson acknowledgment settings to incorporate a mandatory reading acknowledgment checkbox at the end of each lesson. This ensures learners have thoroughly completed the training program and serves as proof of their participation.

Build impactful corporate training programs.