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How can I assign alternate billing and shipping address for a customer?

You can assign an alternate billing/shipping address by:

  • Directly adding an alternate address to your customer.
  • Adding alternate address while creating an estimate/invoice.
  • Editing the existing billing/shipping address.

Directly adding an alternate address to your customer

You can add additional billing or shipping address to a customer and use this address while creating estimates, invoices, sales orders, retainer invoices and credit notes. To add an additional address to your customer:

  • Click the Customers module and select the customer for whom you wish to add an alternate address.
  • Click Add additional address option below the shipping address, enter the details and click Save.

Add Shipping Address

Adding alternate address while creating an estimate/invoice

Separate Billing and Shipping addresses can be associated with the customer by clicking on the Change option (under ‘Customer name’) while creating a new estimate/invoice. Here, options are available for entering/editing the Billing address and a separate Shipping address for that customer.

Add Shipping Address

Editing the existing billing/shipping address

At times, you might want to change an existing billing/shipping address and not add an additional address.

In such cases, you can simply Edit the existing address.

  • Go to the Customers module.
  • Select the relevant customer.
  • Click the edit button, as highlighted in the image below.

Edit Shipping/Billing Address

Or, on the edit customer page, click the Edit button present on the top right and edit the address field.

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