VAT3 Returns

The VAT3 Return report is a comprehensive summary of your VAT returns. This report contains a list of VAT return files which are generated for a specific time period.

The actions that you can perform in this report are:

The VAT3 returns generated in Zoho Books follows the standards and specifications mentioned by the KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority).

Generate VAT3 Return

To generate the VAT3 return file:

Form VAT 3

Your VAT3 return will be now be generated in Zoho Books.

View the VAT3 Return

To view the VAT3 return file:

The VAT3 return file consists of the following sections:

Sales (Goods and Services)
Form VAT 3
Purchases (Goods and Services)
Form VAT 3
Net VAT Due
Form VAT 3

You can delete any VAT3 return that you’ve generated by clicking the Trash icon next to it.

Export or Download File

You can download or export the drill down report of the following boxes:

To export:

Form VAT 3

The exported file will be downloaded in CSV format. You can copy the values from the downloaded file using a spreadsheet software like Zoho Sheet and paste them in the file downloaded from iTax portal.

Mark the VAT3 Return as Filed

After you’ve exported and filed your VAT3 return in the iTAX portal, you can mark it as filed in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Form VAT 3
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