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Evade potential respiratory risks

Indoor Air Quality

Evade potential respiratory risks

Detection of light, humidity, temperature, PM2.5, PM10, O3, CO2, and more.

  • Traffic light and emoticon indicator

  • Prevention of Sick Building Syndrome

  • Energy saving

Sound Level Monitoring

Protect well-being and quality of life

An ideal choice for urban planning, industrial safety, and environmental assessments.

  • Accurate sound level measurement

  • LED indicator

  • A-Weighting, C-Weighting & Fast-Time Weighting

Protect well-being and quality of life
Goodbye odours, Hello hygiene!

Lavatory Odour detection

Goodbye odours, Hello hygiene!

Enhance user comfort and personal hygiene

  • Real time NH3, H2S, temperature and humidity monitoring

  • Send real time alerts with customized thresholds

  • Built-in buzzer and traffic light indicator for alarming

Lavatory Occupancy Monitoring

No more waiting in lines

Improve convenience and enhance Facility management

  • Flexible across lavatory designs

  • High accuracy

  • Real time update and ultra low power consumption

No more waiting in lines.
Safety prioritized

Smart button

Safety prioritized

Request assistance and enhance accessibility at one go

  • Portable across locations

  • Real time virtual monitoring

  • Ultra low power consumption

Mini Leak detection

Water for the future

Conserve water, prevent property damage, and save utility bills.

  • Low power consumption

  • Detects a minimal water level of 0.5 mm

  • Monitor leaks in real-time

Water for the future
The future of waste management is here

Smart Trash Bin

The future of waste management is here

Enable efficient waste collection, minimize overflowing bins, and contribute to cleaner and smarter environments.

  • Remote monitoring

  • Manage container fill levels and status in real-time

  • Customized threshold levels

AI occupancy detection

Redefine modern offices

Experience optimised space utilization, enhanced productivity and employee well-being in one go.

  • Large detection area

  • Bi-directional people counting

  • Optimized data-led resource allocation

Redefine modern offices
  • Tech agnostic connectivity

    Multi-device, Multi-protocol, Multi-communication

  • Real time notifications

    Timely alerts for real time outliers

  • Customized Dashboards

    Visualize dashboards for accurate decision making

  • AI anomaly detection

    Identify irregular patterns and potential threats with AI

  • Third party integration

    Integrate multiple third party applications at ease.

  • User control

    Restrict access to individual users

Deliver exceptional experiences with one unified solution

Deliver exceptional experiences with one unified solution

Deploy smart building systems for BMS, BAS, and EMS, Fire & Safety, access systems, facilities, etc., to reduce energy usage, maximize operational efficiency, and improve comfort.

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