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My plan says it includes ‘x’ number of customer(s)? What does it mean?

The number of customers included in a plan refers to the total number of customers that you can add as contacts and later invoice.

For example, you have subscribed for the basic plan which includes 50 contacts. Once you have added 50 contacts to your account, you will not be able to add more contacts any further, as it will exceed the plan limit.

Now, these 50 contacts include all your Active, Inactive contacts, irrespective of whether you have had any transactions with the customer or not.

If you wish to:

  1. Add more contacts: You need to Upgrade to a higher plan with larger customer limit.

  2. Replace an contact with a new one: For replacing a contact, you must delete an existing contact. You will be able to delete a contact only if it is not associated to any transaction.

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