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I would like to charge my clients’ credit card. Can I save it in Zoho Invoice?

Yes, you can.

You can keep your customers’ credit card and bank account details on file so that you can charge them whenever necessary. You will need to integrate a gateway that supports “Auto-Charge” to add your customer’s card.

Navigate to the Contacts module, select a contact and click on Add New Card/Add Bank Account from the More drop-down. Enter the credit card and/or bank account details and click on Save.

The contact’s credit card details will now be saved in your account and you can use it charge him/her.

For Invoices:

Credit Card Details

Bank Account Details

For Recurring Invoices:

There are two pre-requisites to charge customers for recurring invoices:

Next, follow the steps mentioned above to add the Credit Card/Bank Account Details to process the payment for recurring invoices.


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