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The Settings page provides a place to configure preferences that suit your business and choose options that speed up invoice processing. You can specify details about your organization here, manage currencies in which you raise invoices, add taxes that you collect and add templates that decide the look and feel of your invoices.

You can now set all your preferences from one single point. The general preferences cover everything right from your discount settings to customizing field settings. Set it all right here once and you do not have to repeat it the next time. Explore the various setting options available and enjoy invoicing with Zoho Invoice.

General Preferences

  1. Go to the 'Settings' tab.
  2. Select the 'Preferences' sub-link. This opens the 'Preference' settings page.
  3. Click on the 'General Preferences' link as shown in the image below.
    Select general preferences


Recurring Invoice Settings
Handling invoices generated from a recurring invoice

As shown in the image above, there are 2 options.

  1. You can save the invoices generated as draft and a notification (e-mail) sent to you (or)
  2. The invoices will be sent to the customers directly.

Note: If you wish to send invoices directly to customers, the invoice number auto-generation needs to be enabled.For more information, refer to Invoice Auto-generation



Snail Mail
Configuring Payment Stub and Return Envelope

Including a payment stub to your invoices, increases the chances of your customer intimating you on the payment information.

To add a payment stub to your invoices

  1. Click the "Settings" tab. This brings up the "Settings" page with the various settings you can alter.
  2. Click the General Preferences link under "Preferences".
  3. Choose 'Yes' to include Payment Stub under the Snail mail .
  4. Now all your invoices will include this option.

Note: By default the payment stub is included to your invoice, so select 'No' option if you do not need your invoices to carry a payment stub.

Return Envelope

When you include a payment stub to your invoice, a return envelope is sent along. This will enable your customers to record their payment on the payment stub and return it via mail to you.



Discount Offered

By default, Zoho Invoice will not display a discount column when you create an invoice in the item grid section. If you provide discount to your customers, choose the option 'Yes'

The 'Show Discount As' text box refers to the title of discount column. By default, the title of the column would be 'Discount(%)'. Edit this title as relevant to your business.



Customize Titles

The invoice title is the title of the invoice document that you send to your customers. Edit this field if you call invoices by any other name like bills.

Similarly you can customize the title for both estimates and credit note as per your business needs.



Reference Field Preferences
Show Ref#

You may like to have a reference to any other document that is associated with an invoice - say a purchase order or an estimate. By default, the reference number will be referred to as P.O#. You can change this to suit your requirements.

Similarly you can customize the reference field for both estimates and credit note as per your business needs.



Customize Field Title
Item Table

Item Table Configuration
When you create an invoice, estimate or credit note you need to select the items that you are selling. This section of the invoice/estimate/credit note that consists of the list of items and their details like price, quantity, etc. is referred to as the item table or grid.

To customize the title of certain fields in the item table go to the 'Customize Field Title' section in the 'General Preferences' page.

Item Item refers to the products, goods or services you sell. Zoho Invoice by default refers to it as 'Item'. Change this as relevant for your business.
Description Description refers to the details of the item you are selling.
Qty Qty is the quantity or 'number' of items you are selling. Change this as relevant for your business. For example, if you are in consultancy service business and charge your clients by the hour change this to 'hours'.
Rate Rate is the unit price of the item. Edit this, if you want to call 'rate' by some other suitable name like 'price', 'charge' etc.
Amount Amount is the total value of the particular item that is sold (qty multiplied by the rate).


Printing Preferences
Layout Options

To set the layout options for the PDF generated when you export an Invoice or estimate go to the 'Printing Preferences' section in the 'General Preferences' page.

For all predefined invoice and estimate templates, you can customize the layout of the PDF generated by specifying the paper size and margins. The default values are as shown in the above image.

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