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Field Updates

The option of Field Updates allows you to automatically make changes to a field of a particular module for which the workflow has been triggered. For example, you can choose to automatically extend the expiry date to 30th June 2015 of an estimate if the total amount is greater than or equal to $500. In this case, the Expiry Date field is changed to the above date if the Total field is “>=“500.

To set up a field update, navigate to > More Settings > Automation > Field Updates and click on + New Field Update.

New Field Update

Field Description
Name Give a unique name for the field update.
Module Select a module for which you wish to create a field update.
Update Select the field in which you wish to make changes upon triggering a workflow from the drop down.
-Reference #
-Expiry Date
-Sales Person
-Terms & Conditions
-Adjustment Description
Enter the value of the field in the corresponding box. If you wish to update the field with an empty value, check the box Update with empty value?.
Update Empty Value

Click on Save to create a new field update. You can now select one of the many field updates created to implement changes when the workflow is triggered.

Other Actions

Delete a field update:
To delete a field update, hover the cursor next to a field update on the list and click on the Trash icon.

Delete Field Update

Filter field updates:
To filter the field updates list, follow these steps:

Based on your selection, the corresponding field updates will be displayed as a list.

Filter Field Update

Note: You can create a maximum of 3 field updates for each workflow rule.

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