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Record and categorize all your expenses. Invoice your customer for all the reimbursable expenses, track and follow them up for payment. Optimize your profit.

Record and categorize expenses

Use Zoho Invoice to record and categorize all your expenses. Have an accurate representation of all costs associated with your projects. Don't miss billing your customers for any of your reimbursable expenses.

Record expense
Invoice, track and follow-up

Mark expenses as billable or non-billable. Invoice the billable expenses to the respective customer with ease. Track the status of the expenses that have been invoiced and follow them up for payment.

All expense
No more currency conversions!

More often than not, you may have to incur expenses in one currency and then re-bill those expenses to your customers in another currency. Handling such expenses can be painful, particularly because of the currency conversions involved. In Zoho Invoice, we ease your job by handling currency conversions given the exchange rate.

Note: We don't pull the exchange rates automatically from the web.

Expense select currency
When, where and how

Use our reports and see when, where and how your money is spent. Manage your expenses and optimize your profit.

Expense detailed reports


Manage your invoices with ease
No installation. No software to maintain. Nothing to lose.

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