How to Merge Customers

If you need to merge two or more customer data to one master record, it's now possible with the Merge customer feature. This comes in handy when you have two or more duplicate records and you wish to consolidate all as one. For example, if you have two customer records 'Jane' and 'Jane Thomas', you can merge the two under the master record 'Jane Thomas'.

Another case is while importing data from Zoho CRM to Zoho Invoice, there are chances to find duplicate records post the import. Duplicate records can be removed using this feature.

Merge from Customer List- Bulk Merge

  • Go to the 'Customers' tab.
  • Under the sub tab 'customers', select the customer names and click on the button 'merge' on top of the customer list (as shown in the image below)
  • merge customers

  • On clicking the merge button, a screen pops up (as shown in the image below) requesting you to select the one customer name as master customer to which you wish to merge the duplicate records. Note: When merging duplicate records from the Zoho CRM import, the customer imported from Zoho CRM has to be the master record.
  • select master customer

  • Select the master customer and click on 'continue' . A screen pops up (like in the image below) to remind you that the merge cannot be reverted. If you wish to proceed, press confirm.
  • master customer confirm

  • Once the customers details are merged, all merged data will now be available under the master record while the other duplicate record will be auto marked as​ inactive. You can filter for the inactive customers and delete it.

Merge from the customer detail page

  • Click open the duplicate customer record which you wish to merge with the master record. On the right hand side of the page, in the list of actions, select 'Merge customer'.
  • On clicking it, a screen pops up (as shown in the image below) asking you to choose the master customer.
  • select master customer detail page

  • From the drop down list, select the master customer and click continue. System will again remind you that merging customers cannot be reverted (shown in the below image). If you wish to continue, press confirm to merge the customer details.​

Note: Only customers with the SAME Currency can be merged. All the entities like invoices,expenses,estimates,credit notes along with the contact details will be merged with the master record.

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