How does my customer make online payment?

Accepting payments online is one of the most quickest and easiest way to get paid from your customers. Read below to see how your customers can make the online payment once you email them the invoice.

  • Configure the invoice notification email with the Invoice Payment URL. Once that's done, email the invoice to your customer. Ensure the payment link is there in the email content as shown in the below image.
    notification email
  • When your customer clicks the 'Invoice Payment URL' in the invoice notification email, Zoho Invoice Payment Gateway selection page opens. payment gateway page
  • After choosing the mode of payment (if it's by credit card) then your customer will be taken to the Payment Information Collection page of Zoho Invoice. secure payment page
  • Once your customer enters the card information, the data is sent to the Payment Gateway provider through secure channels for payment verification. After the payment is confirmed, a success message is shown as below to your customer. payment success message

Please note: Payment form is hosted on Zoho Invoice web page and not on the business owner's site.

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