For Google apps/ Yahoo user, you need to set up a password for signing into Zoho Invoice via the iPhone or Android app.

As a Google apps/ Yahoo user you must set up a Zoho username and a password to sign in to the iPhone/Android apps. To do so;

  • Visit https://accounts.zoho.com/password (through a web/mobile browser).
  • Specify your Google or Yahoo email address in the "Enter your registered email address" field.
    • Please make sure that you enter the email address as 'email[at]gmail[dot]com or as email[at]yahoo[dot]com'.
  • Type the characters and validate the "Image verification".
  • Click the Request button.
  • ou will receive an email shortly to the entered email address with the link which will direct you to set up a new password for your account.
  • Then, you can move on to your iPhone/Android device and can use your username(email address) and password to sign in to the Zoho Invoice application.

P.S : If you would like to upgrade your Zoho Invoice account, you can login to the web-app of Zoho Invoice.

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