What are various statuses in which the estimates are listed?

Estimates are categorized into various statuses from the time they are created. When you create a new estimate, they are listed in the draft status; when you email them to a customer, they are in the sent status; eventually when you convert an estimate into an invoice they are are moved to the invoiced status.

Here are the various statuses of the estimates:

estimate status

Draft When you create an estimate, it will be in draft status. A draft status indicates that estimate can undergo further modifications.

A 'Sent' status for an estimate indicates that you have sent the estimate to your customer at least once by clicking on the 'Send' link or you have marked the status as 'Sent' by clicking on 'Mark as sent' link.

Invoiced When an estimate is converted to an invoice, it is said to be in the invoiced status. Once an estimate is invoiced, you cannot change the status of the estimate.
Accepted If the estimate sent by you to your client is approved, then you can mark your estimate as accepted. An accepted estimate can be converted to an invoice.
Declined If the estimate was rejected by your client, you can mark it as declined. If however, you were asked to rework on the estimate, you can do so and send it by email again and change the status to accepted, once your customer approves it.
Expired When an estimate sent to your client is awaiting approval, it is in the 'Sent' status. If the estimate crosses the expiry date then system automatically gives it the 'Expired' status. Expired Estimates can still be converted to an invoice. An expired estimate can still be converted to an invoice.
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