Other Integrations


Our powerful Integration feature does not stop with sales and shipping channels, it extends upto to seamless synchronization with Zoho Books and Zoho CRM.

If you are an existing user of Zoho Books or Zoho CRM, you can easily synchronize them with Zoho Inventory and auto import contacts, items and other data effortlessly.



Setting up an integration:

Accounting Integrations

With Zoho Books

You can synchronize Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory in three ways:

image of method 1

image of method 2

Method 3

The way it works:

Important Note: When importing Items, only those items in Books that have inventory tracking enabled, will be synchronized into Zoho Inventory. Normal sales and purchase items will not be imported this way.

Zoho Inventory <-> Zoho Books Integration Flow Diagram:

integration flow

CRM Integrations

With Zoho CRM

You can sync your Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM using the following method:

CRM integration page

CRM configuration page

CRM integration details page

The way it works:

Once the integration is set up, your Accounts and contacts in Zoho CRM can be synched with the Contacts module of Zoho Inventory. This way, you can import/export your customer information between the two apps.

Zoho Inventory <-> Zoho CRM Integration Flow Diagram:

Integration flow