Functions associated with Zoho Inventory contacts

Apart from transacting with your contacts, associating email templates and managing your contacts, there are other functions associated with your contacts in Zoho Inventory.

These are,

Emailing a Contact

To email a contact in Zoho Inventory:

Email contact option

Sending an email to a contact

Send out customer statements

You can send a transaction statement of a desired period to the contact very easily.

To send out a customer statement:

Customer statement option

Customer statement report

Note: All these options are available right on the top, above the selection panel.

Sending customer statements

Mark a contact inactive

If you don’t want to permanently delete a contact but would like to shelf the contact for the time being, you can change the contact’s status to inactive. This ensures that the contact can no longer be used in the various Zoho Inventory modules, but remains listed as a contact.

To do so:

Screen of marking inactive contacts in zoho inventory

Screen shot of activating inactive contacts