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Contacts - your customers & vendors

A contact in Zoho Inventory is a person or an organization who can either be a vendor or a customer.

Here is an overview of all that you can do with your contacts in Zoho Inventory.

Creating Contacts - Managing your customers and vendors - Impressing your customers - Transacting with your contacts - Obtaining takeaways from contacts

Creating Contacts

Create or import contacts and maintain an updated contact base.

Managing your customers and vendors

Mange your contact base by understanding the page details, filters and operations available.

Using Filters:
Understanding the Contacts module

Impressing your customers

Show your appreciation and care by associating a special price list to a customer and by applying inventory templates & email templates that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Using Price lists:
Using Templates and Email Templates:
Using Thank you notes:

Transacting with your contacts

Run a background check and start recording all the transactions you have with a contact then and there.

Obtaining takeaways from contacts

Find out how you can obtain key insights about your customers and vendors.