Can I import payable days for all employees at one go?

Yes, you can import LOP details and payable days for all employees while processing the pay run. To do this:

  • Go to the Pay Runs module.
  • Click Create Pay Run or View Details if you already have a draft pay run.
  • Click Import/Export > LOP Details.
One-time Earnings and Deductions
  • Upload your CSV or XLS file containing Employee Number, LOP Days and Payable Days. You can view a sample file to make sure that you’ve entered the data in the correct format.
  • Select the Character Encoding.
  • Click Next.
Select File
  • Map the Zoho Payroll fields with the columns in your import file.
  • Click Next.
Map Fields
  • View the import preview and click the Import button.
Payable Days Import
  • Click Apply Changes in the payroll draft page.

The number of payable days will be updated for the employees in the pay run.