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To support Grow with Google : an initiative by Google, we're offering first three months in Zoho Inventory for free. Sign up to create a new account.

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About Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management system designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage, organize and control their daily inventory management activities. Check out what our existing customers have to say about us.

Here's how Zoho Inventory can help your business

Inventory tracking

With Zoho Inventory, you can track the entire history of an item's movement once you add its serial number. You no longer have to sift through multiple spreadsheets to track an item.

Item organization

You can group and bundle your items based on the product characteristics, generate SKUs, and add product images to organize your inventory effectively.

Order management

Manage your sales and purchase orders, and also keep track of your receivables and payments, by creating invoices and bills.

Order fulfillment

Print package slips, view the status of your shipments, and know where your packages are once they have been dispatched from your store.

Warehouse control

Zoho Inventory automatically updates your item levels in each warehouse and provides an easy way to manage inter-warehouse transfers.

To get a comprehensive overview of what Zoho Inventory does, head over to our features page 

About the Offer

If you've been looking for inventory software to manage your inventory activities digitally, then this is the right opportunity. Zoho Inventory is offering first 3-months for free. You can use this period to manage daily orders digitally, track items, and monitor your packages, shipments, and warehouses.

Benefits for businesses using Google apps and Zoho Inventory

Integrating your Google Shopping account with Zoho Inventory has the following benefits

  • Manage and push your inventory and sales data to Google Shopping from Zoho Inventory
  • Create ad campaigns in Zoho Inventory and track their performance
  • Track the sales of items sold on multiple channels in a single place
  • Set re-order points so that you can replenish stock at the right time

Integrating your G Suite account with Zoho Inventory has the following benefits

  • Import users and assign roles to manage your orders and warehouses
  • Import your contacts in simple automated steps instead of adding them manually

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