Report Automation

Admins can reduce the time-consuming tasks of creating and submitting reports manually for their employees by enabling the report automation option. This feature lets users schedule automatic report generation and submission on a weekly or monthly basis.

Note: This feature is available for the Trial, Premium and Enterprise plans of Zoho Expense.

Enabling Report Automation

Admins can configure report automation preferences for their organisation by performing the following steps:

  • Navigate to Admin module in the left sidebar and click Settings.
  • Click Report Automation under Automation.
  • Click Enable.
Enable Report Automation

Report Generation & Scheduling Preferences

Admins can set Report Generation & Scheduling Preferences. To set:

  • Choose whether report generation should take place on a weekly or monthly basis from the report generation cycle dropdown option.
  • Enter the necessary details such as the specific day or date.
  • Enter the number of days and Zoho Expense will include expenses before the specified number of days from the scheduled day. For example, if you enter 4 in the Days field, then expenses dated 4 days before the scheduled date will be included in the auto generated report.
  • Configure the report name template.
  • Mark the Reminder option to notify users for creating expenses. Admins can set a maximum of three reminders for their users.

The reports will be generated at 8 AM on every scheduled day.

Set Report Generation Preferences

Report Submission Preferences

Admins can set up either an automatic or manual submission of reports by the users.

  • If you want your employees to submit reports automatically, mark Yes, submit reports automatically option. The auto-submission might fail if there are policy violations, if no approver is assigned in the Submits To field while inviting an user and if the report does not satisfy the criteria mentioned for custom approval. In such a case, admins can set reminders for users to submit their reports manually.
  • On the other hand, if you want your employees to submit their reports manually, mark No, users will submit their reports manually. Admins can set up to three reminders to notify users to submit their reports manually after the report is generated.
Set Report Submission Preferences

Additional Preferences

Admins can opt to generate reports even if the user has no expense within the report generation period.

To skip automatic report generation and submission for specific roles, admins can perform the following:

  • Mark the Skip Report Automation for specific roles option.
  • Select the roles from the dropdown.
  • Click Save.
Set Additional Preferences
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