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Advance Payments

Using Zoho Expense, Admins can record the advance payment given to their employees. They can keep track of the advance amount spent and the amount remaining in the hands of the employee. Employees can apply this advance amount on their expense amount, at the same time, record advance payment on their own.

Let’s go deeper into how this works:

Recording advance payment for your employees

Recording advance payment by admin

Recording advance payment by admin

Recording advance payment by admin

Applying advance payments on reports

Perform the following steps to apply advance payments on a report.

Record Advance Payments

Record Advance Payments

Record Advance Payments

Note: You can associate advance payments only with draft or rejected reports.

Recording advance payment in reports

Employees can also record advance payment for themselves. Admins can view the Advance Payment recorded by the employee under Advance Payments section.

To record advance payment:

Record Advance Payment

Record Advance Payments

Editing/Removing an Advance payment

To edit an advance payment:

Editing/removing advance payment

Deleting an advance payment

Admins can delete the advance payment recorded for the employees by performing the following steps:

Deleting advance payment

Note: Advance associated with a Submitted, Approved and Reimbursed report cannot be deleted.

Using excess advance payment on future expense reports

For example, your employee applies an advance payment of $100 to an expense report of $80. As an admin, you can carry forward the excess amount of $20 as a new advance payment which your employee can use on future expense reports.

Admins can perform the following steps:

Using excess advance payment Using excess advance payment

Now employees can view the newly created advance payment in their Advance Payments module and use the amount on future expense reports. If the advance approval is enabled for the organization, advance payments will be automatically approved. 

Admin Settings

You can configure the settings related to the advance payments module such as:

Learn how to configure Advance Payments Preferences.

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