Other Actions

There are a bunch of other actions you can perform in the Estimates module.

Edit Estimate

To make changes to an Estimate:

Edit Estimate

Bulk Update for Estimates

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to update a field with common data for multiple estimates, you can update them in bulk. To do this,

Bulk Update Bulk Update

Now, all the selected estimates will be updated with the new data.

Note: You cannot update custom fields that contain PII, unless you have permission to do so. Learn more about access permissions for PII

Clone Estimate

For situations when you want to send a copy of an already existing estimate to your customer, you can choose to clone an estimate. To do so:

Clone Estimates

Make changes to the cloned estimate, if necessary, and proceed to save it.

To print your estimate:

Print Estimate

Download Estimate as PDF

To download your estimate as PDF:

PDF Estimate

Send Estimate as an Email

To send your customer an estimate by email:

Add the recipient in the Send To field and add recipients in CC if necessary. Click Send.

Estimate via Email

Delete Estimate

To delete an estimate:

Delete Estimate

Now, your selected estimate will be deleted.

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