Shipping Bill

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What is a shipping bill and when is it issued? 

When certain goods are exported out of India, or supplies are provided to SEZ, they need to be taxed under GST and approved by the Customs department. The shipping bill contains information about the exported supplies, their value, and the custom duty and IGST paid on them. This also allows the supplier to claim a refund for the IGST paid on the supplies.

Format of a shipping bill:

Based on the rules prescribed by the Government, here is what a sample shipping bill will look like in the GST regime: 

Shipping Bill

  Note: A taxpayer cannot claim a refund on the IGST paid, or ITC on the inputs involved in the exports, unless they furnish their GSTIN and GST invoice details in the shipping bill.

  The customs broker will authorize the document with a stamp of approval as specified by the customs authorities.

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