Delivery Challan

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What is a delivery challan?

Most supplies of goods and services involve the creation of a tax invoice. However, in some cases where no actual sale of goods/services takes place, a delivery challan is generated instead. For example, during the transportation of goods from one warehouse to another, a tax invoice is not needed.  

When is a delivery challan issued under GST?

A delivery challan is issued in the following cases:

Three copies of the delivery challan must be created: an original for the consignee (the buyer who is financially responsible for the receipt of goods), a duplicate for the transporter, and a third copy or triplicate for the consignor (the seller). 

Format of a delivery challan:

Based on the rules prescribed by the Government, here is what a sample delivery challan will look like in the GST regime: 

Delivery Challan  

Note: The above mentioned values are not for sale, they are usually mentioned in case of goods supply for job work.

When goods are being transported in batches (for example, a large order delivered in several smaller shipments over a period of time), the following steps should be carried out:

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