Cara termudah untuk membagikan konten di media sosial.

zShare memungkinkan Anda membagikan konten dari browser web Anda tanpa harus meninggalkan halaman yang sedang Anda kunjungi. zShare bekerja di semua browser populer termasuk Chrome, Safari, Opera, dan Firefox.

Terbitkan di saluran favorit Anda:

Bagikan cerita-cerita favorit Anda dari internet.

Customize messages, images, and the overall tone of your content based on what's relevant to your followers on different social channels. 

Choose words that speak to your audience

It's awesome when you spot a phrase your audience will love. It's even better when you can select and share it right away with them.

Pick the perfect picture for every story

An article may hold your interest, but it's often stunning visuals that really catch your attention. Select the pictures you like best, and add them to posts you create for your audience.

"I used Hootsuite for a while, but it was limited in its capabilities for scheduling and posting to Instagram. However, Zoho Social's zShare plugin was just a natural to install. I normally make around 20 posts in a weekday, and this tool has saved me so much time. I love having zShare as a secret weapon to keep my day moving."

Shelli PooleBusiness Owner at MySaline.com

"I represent different clients and have found the zShare Browser Extension a time saver. I am able to log in to the accounts I need, then share with a simple click of the button. I have only been using Zoho Social for a few months and it has already impacted how efficiently I do social media marketing."

Dee CarverOwner and Publicist at Personalized Marketing Inc.

Hal besar hadir di plugin zShare yang mungil.