Zoho Wiki + Google Workspace

With Zoho Wiki for Google Workspace, create a searchable and centralized information repository for easy organizational access. You can also create private or public workspaces and promote collaboration and participation between employees, teams, project clients and partners, who might be located even half way across the world.

  • Share And Collaborate

    Once integration is set up, you can access Zoho Wiki through Google's universal navigation bar.

  • Attach Documents Directly From Google Docs

    You can attach relevant documents from Google Docs, to your Wiki page

  • Share And Collaborate

    You can share your wiki with other Google Workspace Users and collaborate more effeciently.

  • Widgets

    Get your own personalized dashboard with widgets. Embed Google Gadgets, YouTube videos & lots more, and get instant access to it.

  • Google Gadgets Integration

    Embed Google Custom Search and customize the search for your website. Embed Google Analytics code in your wiki and get statistical reports for the visitors to your website.

"Maintaining the wiki-based web site is great because I can edit and extend it from wherever I am (with the aid of collaborators if I want) and it is really easy to split it into public and private sections."

Vilnis, Energy Management Expert