Online Meetings, Web Conferencing and Remote assistance On The Fly

Zoho Meeting is an easy-to-use desktop sharing tool that helps to schedule or instantly conduct online web meetings with your customers or colleagues.

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  • Online Meetings

    You don't have to travel all the way to meet your clients and customers. Conduct Online meetings, share presentations with Zoho Meetings and you can invite as many people as you want. In addition to the convenience, Zoho Meeting saves you all that travel-time and expense too.
  • Web Conferencing

    Host web conferences, share your desktop upto 100 participants and collaborate better with your colleagues and clients.
  • Remote Support

    Customer support is now hassle free with Zoho Meetings. Provide world-class support to customers, even you are miles away.
  • Embed Meetings

    You need not send a separate invitation to every single person all the time. Instead, embed online meetings on your website or blog, and conduct online training sessions for anyone who visits your site.
  • Desktop Plugin

    Install a desktop plugin for Zoho Meetings and you can instantly join meetings without accessing the Zoho Meeting URL. Also resume the previous meetings with a single click.
FREE One-on-One Meeting. Get Started Now!
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