Zoho CRM + Google Apps

Zoho CRM for Google Apps makes it easier for your business to collaborate, communicate and share information, all in a single, centralized place. With Zoho CRM you can manage your leads, prospects, contacts and accounts, and through our powerful reporting, understand how your business is doing.

  • Google's One Bar

    You can have Zoho CRM available on your Google Apps dashboard page - no additional login required.

  • Sync Google Mail With Zoho CRM

    Manage all your Email interactions with customers in a single place. Better perspective on your customers' views and needs as you can track the Email interactions handled in Google Mail inside Zoho CRM and vice versa.

  • Import Users/Contacts From Google Apps

    You can input your users and contacts details from google into Zoho CRM instantly and keep a complete record of all your business communication inside Zoho CRM.

  • Attach Files From Google Docs

    Avoid the hassle of downloading files and having to upload them again at multiple locations. Have instant access to your files from Zoho CRM. Create, edit, share and manage Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations with your contacts from within Zoho CRM.

  • Embed Gadgets Into Google Sites

    You can view leads, contacts, accounts, and tasks within Gmail and Google Sites by embedding the corresponding gadget from Zoho CRM gadgets. In addition, you can create leads, accounts, contacts, or tasks quickly from the gadgets.

  • Export The Events To Google Calender

    Export the selected events from CRM Calendar to Google Calendar, and view & share them with other users in Google Calendar. It also helps you schedule your business events and keep them organized to avoid missing any event.

  • Access Zoho CRM Contextual Gadgets Inside Gmail

    Access Zoho CRM from within GMail Inbox messages. Create a lead or a contact and also view their details like name, phone number, company name, etc., by bringing your CRM system right inside your Gmail.

  • Export Tasks From Zoho CRM To Google Tasks

    Export the selected tasks from CRM to Google Tasks, and view, share them with other users in Google Tasks. Schedule your business tasks and keep them organized to avoid missing any task.

"If you are using Google Apps I can recommend Zoho CRM for its excellent integration with Gmail. "