ZohoCreator – Tip of the Day #1

General, Zoho Creator | August 14, 2006 | 1 min read

Starting from today, I will be posting daily tips that will be helpful to Zoho Creator users. These tips will be aimed to get the most out of Zoho Creator. It will be ranging from simple topics such as creating a view, embedding a form in a website to complex ones like cusom validating a form. For easy understanding, it will be in a question and answer format.

Here is today’s Tip

#1 How do I restrict Add/Edit/Delete permission of records in a view?

While configuring a view, there will be an option “Allow others to edit data”. When you uncheck that option, anyone accessing the view will not be able to add, edit or delete the records in the view. Only the owner of the application will be able to edit the records.