So, you have brought in all the relevant data from the diverse business applications you use, into Zoho Reports, and created all those beautiful reports and dashboards. Now comes the hardest part. How do you share them with your colleagues/clients and make them consume the reports/dashboards regularly? This is where scheduled emailing of reports comes in handy.

You can create appropriate schedules based on the reports you need to share. Say, you can create a schedule that will mail a bunch of monthly reports to your CEO every first of the month. Or a weekly report on every Monday to your Sales Manager of how the previous week’s sales have been.

There are lots of schedule options available, ranging from daily to weekly to monthly to yearly.


Try the scheduling feature from the Export menu button. Hope you will be scheduling all the reports you have created in Zoho Reports from now on.

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  1. Christian

    How do you manage these?
    I have made various scheduled emails.. but I want to adjust some and also delete others. I dont find any way.. only how to create new ;-(

    • Arvind

      Christian: Open a report or dashboard in the database where you have set the scheduled emails. Click the ‘Email’ icon at the top-right, and you will see the ‘Edit Email Schedules’ option. All the emails scheduled for that database will be listed, and you can choose to edit, pause or delete the schedules there.

  2. Marco

    how do i stop sending scheduled reports?

  3. Hervé Calderón

    Something is not clear to me. I do have the Standard version. I can send till 10 scheduled emails but how many people can be scheduled per email?

  4. shawn.yeager

    Is there a way to choose a time zone instead of having to use GMT?

  5. shawn.yeager

    I have the enterprise level version, so that wasn’t the issue. For those having trouble finding it, it is a little hidden. When you click “export” and see ‘edit email schedules’ at the bottom of the list, you assume it would be in here. However it is actually inside the first choice ‘export this view’. Once you choose your export format, select the far right tab ’email’. At the bottom of this tab is the ‘schedule this email’ section. Hope this helps.

  6. kirankumarm

    @ Phil/Shawn,Use the option “Email this View”/”Email Multiple Views” to schedule the reports.As gorkaaracil said, this feature is available for paid plans alone.@montyThank you for your feedback. We have added this to our to do list and will address it over time.

  7. monty_dude

    Can the schedule be event based say as soon as the LOADS are done the schedule should kick off.

  8. gorkaaracil

    This feature is not available on Free subscription. that’s why you cant find how to create new shedule.

  9. shawn.yeager

    Agree with Phil. I do not see how to actually create one.

  10. Phil

    How do i create a new schedule? I can see where to run/delete/pause but have no schedules to do this to?

  11. Arvind

    Thanks, Paulo 🙂

  12. paulo_miguel

    Great job Zoho Team!Paulo Miguel.