Zoho and Ray Ozzie interview on ZDNet

General | October 27, 2006 | 1 min read

The difference between a Microsoft and a Zoho is not purely one of size, there is a fundemental difference in how we and other Web 2.0 companies communicate to the public and launch our products. In many respects, we have the luxury of releasing code early, getting feedback and improving features as quickly as the requests come in. To a Microsoft this approach was unimaginable two years ago and even today goes against the grain of sane software marketing, not to mention potential cannibalization of their core desktop offerings. I respect what Ray has to say about paying attention to what customers want and taking an holistic view of the market. I am also glad that Zoho is in the space we are in and am very passionate about the market opportunity and about our prospects. The customer wins when there are competing market forces. Whether we have reached a tipping point or not for Office 2.0, there will be an Office 2.5, 3.0, etc. and Zoho will continue to innovate on the edge.

posted by: Ian Wenig ian@zoho.com