A few weeks back we had announced a template library feature where not only users could pickup the readymade templates for drafting their documents but can also upload and share their own templates in their areas of expertise so that others can benefit from them. Well we have had many requests from users who had come up with their own templates to add to the template library and it is quite an assortment of categories ranging from resumes, proposals & multiple-choice test to musical concert tickets. Here are few of the users who have their templates featured in the Zoho Writer template library:

1. Ritesh Kashyap and Kalleanderson with their respective resumes.



2. Pat Hypia with a sample speech outline.


3. Andy Wallace with his fundraising proposal.


4. Ross Normy with his innovative multiple-choice test on quantitative & logical ability.

Multi-choice Test 

5. And last but not the least Chuan Pai with his concert ticket template.


Ritesh, Kalleanderson, Pat, Andy, Ross and Chuan thanks a ton for contributing to the zoho writer template library. We would love to have more users contributing to the template library here.

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