Testing Web 2.0/AJAX applications

General | May 10, 2006 | 1 min read

Not a day goes by without a Web 2.0 product/service being launched. It’s the people’s/customer’s web all the more. But what about the developers who are resposible for this web revolution? Shouldn’t Web 2.0 make life easier for them too? What with Web 2.0 almost becoming synonymous with AJAX & ultra-short release cycles (‘a build every half hour‘ of Flickr), it becomes all the more important that these AJAX apps be checked thoroughly before each release. Though the perpetual Beta tag & the go-easy attitude of Web 2.0 early-adopters ensures that the developers are somewhat safeguarded, tools that automatically check for functional use cases of these Web 2.0 apps are the need of the day.

QEngine is a good tool for such test purposes. For how the tool can be used, please visit #/. A test suite has been set-up under the name “Web_2_0_IE” there. This suite demonstrates the functionality testing of Zoho Planners’s “Sign In, Creation of a new page, Editing (Ajax based), Deleting and Signout” functionalities. (Note: This requires installing a QEngine toolbar in your browser)

To know more about QEngine & how it can help you automate your testing needs, please contact qengine-support(at)adventnet.com