ResourceShelf reviews Zoho

General | August 14, 2006 | 2 min read

The ever ‘resourceful‘ Gary Price has a full review of the Zoho suite. From the blog post :

The ResourceShelf team has been a long time fan of the Zoho suite of services and have (of course) mentioned them on the site several times. We’re thrilled to see them getting more and more attention. Just launched, Zoho Show.

Zoho services are more than worth a look (especially for the web-based apps/Web 2.0 junkies out there). Plus, since budgets are always an issue, almost all of Zoho’s web-based services are free.

New: Zoho Show
+ Web based (and free) WYSIWYG presentation creator.

+ Create presentations using content from other Zoho services like Sheets and Writer.

+ Import PowerPoint Presentations or OpenOffice Presentation (.sxi).

+ Examples: Zoho Show #1 and what a Zoho Show presentation might look like.

+ A Zoho Show can be viewed online or exported. Presentations can be made public (here’s an example of a couple of slides I was able to create in about 3 minutes) and then with one click obtain a url. Of course, presentations can also be invite only or totally private. Exporting to HTML is also just a click away.

Zoho Sheet

+ A robust web-based spreadsheet program. Like Zoho Writer you can test the service out without having to register.

+ Supports more than 300 functions

+ Easily create Draw bar/line/pie 2D/3D charts and then it’s only one-click to embed them directly into blog postings or Zoho Writer documents. Example here. Cool!

Zoho Writer
This web-based and increasingly robust product is our web-based word processor of choice. One thing we’ve noticed is that the Zoho Writer is much quicker in all aspects. From logging in, to saving, to outputting. Kudos.

+ NEW: Real Time Collaborative Writing & Editing

Multiple users can work on a document simultaneously.

Very powerful and a potential big time saver especially when a some members of the group are located throughout the world or just a few cubicles away.

+ Another useful feature for those of you who want to learn more about Zoho Writer is how easy it is to use and test the product even before registering (no big deal but a few seconds saved is what many of us want and need). Just login as a demo user. As registered users we also find the new “quick create” feature another plus.

There is menion of other Zoho services as well. Thanks, Gary for your continued support of Zoho!