Albert F. Case, Jr., at TechSpend makes some good points regarding businesses using web-based software. From his article,

I’ve read a lot about Google’s online spreadsheet and Zoho’s ZohoWriter and related products. I’ve also heard a lot of “Who needs it?” That attitude amazes me. During my “informal” survey of a few dozen Excel users I know exactly 0% used pivot tables and charts! Sure, I know people (like me) who do – but the reality is most don’t. Just like most people using Microsoft Office don’t do much more than write reports in Word, send Email in Outlook and do simple spreadsheets in Excel. Now, at $200 to $400 per person, how many thousands of dollars are spent for licenses of Microsoft Office in a company that has 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 PCs?

He goes on with how a web-based spreadsheet application (like Zoho Sheet) can help a company.

Think of the creative new applications of an online, sharable spreadsheet. A spreadsheet Wiki! The company home phone list can be instantly updated. Prospect lists can be shared. Budgets can be tinkered with in group fashion. I can think of hundreds of uses for this technology in the average corporation.

And, he has this to say about Zoho CRM :

Zoho has some paid applications as well – such as ZohoCRM. $12 per month per user! Whither goest Oracle/Siebel from here? This could be a real challenge to hosted CRM leader

Great thoughts, Albert! Like you, we believe more & more people have started realizing the endless possibilities that affordable (and often times free) web-based software like Zoho is creating for businesses around the world.