Globo, which is currently the largest commercial television network of Latin America and the third largest in the world (after CBS and NBC), uses Zoho Reports to analyze viewership data about videos and TV shows in its TV and cable TV divisions. Globo is watched by an estimated 120 million people daily.

Here’s what Alexandre Oppermann, Globo’s Business Intelligence Co-ordinator – Web Analytics, had to say about Zoho Reports:

Using Zoho Reports, we generate reports and dashboards that reveal the daily and monthly views of each show and video in its TV and cable TV divisions. Currently, Globo has 40 people actively using Zoho Reports to report against 8.5 million rows of data. And this data set is growing continuously as we aggregate more data everyday.

Compared to our earlier solutions, Zoho Reports gives us flexibility. We can give access to all the data and reports, and our users can do whatever they want. A lot of manual work that we were doing before, we aren’t doing anymore. And that’s increased the productivity of everyone, especially us.

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