Zoho Discussions + G Suite

Zoho Discussion for G Suite helps you manage feedback and ideas more efficiently. Members of a group can post questions & report problems. You can handle all these with ease under a single portal. Create a private community for your employees, bring them together, discuss the issue and make decisions happen.

  • Single Sign On

    Once Zoho Discussions is installed in the G Suite domain, users can start using it from the universal navigation bar in G Suite.

  • Map G Suite Users To Zoho Discussion Portal

    Members of a G Suite account will be automatically added as members of an associated Zoho Discussions Portal.

  • Attach Files From Google Docs

    Users can directly attach a Google Docs document while posting a new topic or response in Zoho Discussions.

  • Embed Feedback Widget Into Google Sites

    Embed feedback widgets and get feedback from your clients and colleagues about the beta product.

  • Embed Discussion Gadgets

    Embed Discussions Gadgets into Gmail, iGoogle & other sites

"It strikes the right balance between forums, q/a, email, and social such that quality discussions actually take place."

Gabriel Weinberg. DuckDuckGo