Help: Mail Merge from Zoho

Zoho: Craft, Send, Track with Mail Merge lets you personalize your mass emails using data from Zoho CRM or Google Sheets. With mail merge, you can create a batch of personalized letters or emails to send to your professional contacts. Each letter or email can include both standardized and custom content. 

This add-on can be used to merge data using :

  • Zoho CRM
  • Google Sheets
Installing Mail Merge from Zoho
  1. Log in to using your Google account.
  2. Open a document, click Add-ons , then select Get add-ons...
  3. In the search window of the marketplace, search for 'Zoho: Craft, Send, Track with Mail Merge' and click the Add button. Alternatively, you can install this add-on from this link.
  4. Click Continue in the pop-up.
  5. Choose the Google account in which you want to install the add-on.
Merge from Zoho CRM
  1. Open a document in
  2. Click Add-ons, select Zoho: Craft, Send, and Track with Mail Merge, then select Start Mail Merge.
  3. Select Data Source as Zoho CRM in the add-on pane.
  4. Select Current Document to merge in the document that is currently opened or Google Drive to pick an existing document as Document to Merge.
  5. Click All set, go.
  6. Click Sign in.
  7. Log in using your Zoho credentials.
  8. Click Accept.
  9. Select the CRM module to merge fields from, then select the fields to be merged.
  10. Optionally, click add signature.
  11. Click Run Mail Merge.
Merge from Google Sheets
  1. Open a document on
  2. Navigate to Add-ons >> Zoho: Craft, Send, Track with Mail Merge >> Start Mail Merge
  3. In the add-on pane, select Data Source as Google Sheet.
  4. Select Current Document to merge in the document that is currently opened or Google Drive to pick an existing document as Document to Merge.
  5. Select a spreadsheet to merge fields.
  6. Click change if you want to select another spreadsheet.
  7. If you have multiple worksheets in your spreadsheet, you can choose the worksheet whose date you want to mergeby clicking Select Sheet.
  8. Select the fields to insert.
  9. Select the column that contains the recipients' email address by clicking on Email to Column.
  10. Optionally, click add signature.
  11. Click Run Mail Merge.
Scheduling and sending emails
  1. Once you click Run Mail Merge, the scheduling pop-up will appear.
  2. Enter the subject of the mail.
  3. Select the recipients' email address.
    NOTE: You can select up to 100 recipients in one go. Your daily quota limit set by Gmail also applies.
  4. You can choose to Copy to Drive, Schedule Mail, Attach as PDF (if merging from Google Sheet) or send instantly.

Copy to Drive: If you want to save a copy of the mail template to your Google Drive, select this option. By default, it will be de-selected.

Schedule Mail: Select to schedule later. Choose the date and time, then click Schedule.

NOTE: Multiple scheduling of a template is allowed but these schedulers can't be run in parallel. To run multiple schedulers on a template, create a copy of the document in your Google Drive. 

Attach as PDF: Select to attach the merged document as a PDF in the mail. You can type personalized mail body for the attachment in the Personalized Message for Attachment field.

NOTE: Attaching as PDF is only available for Merge from Google Sheet option. 

Send: Click Send if you want to send the email immediately.

Tracking emails

You can track sent emails only if you have merged data from Zoho CRM. To track them, follow these steps:

  1. Merge fields from Zoho CRM.
  2. Run Mail Merge
  3. After choosing recipients, click Track email opened.
  4. To see tracking details, go to Add-ons then select Zoho: Craft, Send, Track with Mail Merge and then select Dashboard
  5. Select the sent templates you want to view details for. Overview shows the number of emails sent and recipients that have opened the mail.  
  6. Click Details to view which recipients have viewed the email.
  7. Click a recipient's email address to view Last Opened, First Opened, View Count

NOTE: Tracking is available only for Mail Merge from Zoho CRM. This feature is not available to Free edition users of Zoho CRM.

Adding signature
  1. Click Add Signature.
  2. You can choose to upload a signature image or draw your own.
  3. Add Signature Text in the text box. This may be your full name, designation, company name, etc. 
  4. Click Save and Add to save the signature and use it for the current template. Click Save to store for future use without adding it to the current template. 
  5. To add a social media profile to your signature, enter your desired URL in the URL box of respective Social Profile
Re-run Mail Merge
  1. Go to Add-ons then select Zoho: Craft, Send, Track with Mail Merge
  2. Select Dashboard
  3. Select Zoho CRM or Google Sheet to view the list of sent templates. 
  4. Select the template you want to re-run with Mail Merge.
  5. Click Re-run Mail Merge.
  6. Enter the  subject of the email. 
  7. Select the recipients' email address. 
  8. Schedule and send the email. 

NOTE: The opened document should be the same as the template selected to be re-run. If a template not associated with the document is chosen, you will be prompted to open the document in a new tab. You will have to re-launch the add-on.

Choose from Existing Template
  1. Go to Add-ons then select Zoho: Craft, Send, Track with Mail Merge >> Start Mail Merge.
  2. Choose a Data Source.
  3. Click Existing Templates.
  4. Choose from the templates you have sent in the past.
  5. You can choose to Append this template to your document or Replace the content of the document with the selected template. 
  6. Click All set, go to continue drafting your template. 
  7. Continue to draft your template by selecting all the fields.
  8. Schedule and send your template.