Single Sign On

With single sign on, you no longer have to deal with remembering separate passwords or signing in multiple times.


Google AdWords

Automatically add leads when visitors submit forms on your website. Create standard reports inside CRM.


Google Calendar

Manage a two-way sync between Zoho CRM and Google Calendar. Collaborate with your team for striking sales results.


Google Contacts

Import all your Google contacts into Zoho CRM. You can also manage a two way sync between your Google and Zoho CRM contacts.


Google Drive

Access any Google document inside Zoho CRM without the hassle of logging in to Google Drive or downloading the document and uploading it in new location.


Google Sites​

Create Google Sites page from within your Zoho CRM account and directly publish the web forms to capture leads from your website.



View mail conversations from your customers and reply to them inside Zoho CRM. Forget the worries of searching or missing out important mails from your customers.


Handle your to-do list in Zoho CRM with the Google Tasks integration. Manage a two-way sync between Zoho CRM and Google Tasks.

Google Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension for Zoho CRM gives you the freedom to add leads/contacts as you surf the web. Just click on the desired details and update them to Zoho CRM.

Android for work

Your team can also access Zoho CRM on your Android for Work account. Once installed by the admin, Zoho CRM gets automatically installed for all other users too.

" When we found Zoho CRM, we could keep track of opportunities and our clients are more happy. "

-Alejandro González Salas CEO & Co-Founder, Arroba Systems

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