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The Zoho FSM Mobile App

Mobilize your Workforce

Fit everything your field agents need to perform their tasks perfectly in the palm of their hands. Available for Android and iOS, the Zoho FSM Mobile App cuts unnecessary travel and paperwork to ensure maximum productivity on the field. Allow field agents to check in, check out, apply leaves and log time on the mobile app.

Handle every service request with precision
Send comprehensive estimates easily

Improve day-to-day planning

Help field agents plan their day better by giving them visibility over their schedules. Your field agents can see upcoming appointments on their home screen. They can also view all their service appointments for the coming days and locate the job site on a map.

Working on the Field

Alert agents with push notifications

Field agents get notifications on the mobile app when they are assigned a new job. They can view all the details related to the job - customer details, the asset to be serviced, parts to be taken, and job location.

Personalize customer communication
Manage customer assets

Log time and data

The Zoho FSM mobile app lets you monitor the time spent by your field agents on various activities. With Trips, your field agents can log the time they take to travel to the job site. On starting work, a timesheet entry is created. Timesheets can also be paused and resumed to account for breaks.

Upload notes and photos

Oversee the job from your office by enabling Field Agents to send notes and photos from the job site. By collaborating over notes, field agents can take the help of those at the office to solve complicated issues. The photographs uploaded from the site can also be stored for further reference.

Personalize customer communication
Manage customer assets

Generate Service Reports

Presenting a report after the completion of the service builds credibility and trust. Zoho FSM simplifies this process with detailed, pre-filled service reports that summarize the job done. Field agents can get the customer's feedback and signature before mailing it to them from the mobile app.

Invoicing and Follow-up Requests

Invoice on the go

Delayed payments due to delayed invoices can now be a thing of the past. Enable field agents to complete the payment process at the site. Pre-populated invoices can be created and mailed to the customer from the Zoho FSM mobile app.

Scheduling and Dispatching
Access data through multiple views

Take up new requests

Often, on the successful completion of one service, customers would like to avail of another. The mobile app allows field agents to create new or follow-up work orders and assign the job to themselves. This way, new service requests are accounted for and can be taken up without long, delay-causing processes.

Effortless management. Enhanced productivity. Profitable growth.