Efficient OperationsSystemize operations to set up efficient revenue collection processes

Invoicing and Payments

Make invoicing effortless.

Invoicing and payments in Zoho FSM is powered by the Zoho Financial Suite. You can turn work orders into detailed, branded invoices that can be mailed to the customer. You can also select specific services in a work order to invoice.

Choose payment terms that suit your organization and collect payments online and offline.

Make invoicing effortless
Support multiple currencies

Support multiple currencies.

Run your global business with our multi-currency support. You can also define country-specific taxes and tax exemptions. By including currency and tax details with customer information, you can send estimates and invoices that won't suffer in conversion.

Services and Inventory

Manage services and parts

Maintain details of the service you offer and the parts required for them. You can access these details to fill out requests, estimates, and work orders.

Link services, parts, and skills using Work Types. Create easy, error-free work orders by templating frequently offered services as a Work Type.

Manage services and parts
Keep track of your stocks

Keep track of your stocks.

Powered by Zoho Inventory, Zoho FSM supports inventory management. Use the serial number tracking feature to identify the part used in each service. By choosing the warehouse parts are taken from, you can keep track of stock and make sure you have adequate supplies at all times.

Dashboard and Reports

Data at a glance.

Start your day with real-time insights into your business. Dashboards give you a quick summary of the numbers that run your company on your home screen.

Data at a glance
Foster growth with reports

Foster growth with reports.

Zoho FSM comes with built-in reports that summarize data. Get a quick look at work order statuses, keep track of field agents’ check-in and check-out times and monitor monthly revenue. Use inferences drawn from these analytics to help you define and tackle the control areas that drive the growth of your organization.

Effortless management. Enhanced productivity. Profitable growth.