Personal forms for every occasion.

We are a social species. We are always on the look out for a party. And forms help manage the various occasions in our life.

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  • Party invitation.

    You don't need a reason to party. Won a bet? Had a baby? Walked an extra mile? Have some extra cash? It's all a good reason to celebrate. And in the technology age, paper invitations are out dated. Share a link, or email your friends a QR code, and they will get the message; drinks are on you, the mess is on them. Don't that make a classy party invitation?

  • Reunion form.

    For a more specific celebration like a reunion, you can customize a reunion form template. Add your own photos, or a custom design to rekindle memories. Showcase your creativity. It all begins with a form template.

  • Wedding invitation.

    Organizing a wedding is juggling a lot of names. Simplify the process with a custom template for a wedding invitation. Just add personal details, and a few pictures. Distributing is as easy as sharing a link, or sending out printed copies of the QR code.

  • RSVP.

    Take a step further: share an RSVP form as well. Make it easy for your friends and family to contact you.


  • Rental application.

    When you rent out your property, you need to know whom you're letting it out to. Share a rental application form so that you know your tenants and understand their perspectives.