Form templates for non-profits

With overflowing duties, tasks to delegate, events to organize, and funds to raise, non-profits live on their toes on a daily basis.

Get Started

Managing your audience.

  • Newsletter form.

    People support non-profits. A basic newsletter form helps you find and manage your audience. Embed a newsletter form with your logo with a message, and you will gain supporters, volunteers, philanthropists, or even media coverage. It's one small step to take your non-profit to high places.

  • Event registration.

    Once you start growing, you can organize social gatherings or charity events, and invite influential folks to help out. With a simple event registration form on your website, you don't have to worry about the organizing process. Get details of attendees in your inbox.

Asking for help.

  • Event evaluation.

    As a non-profit, you only need to ask. People will those who need it most. Follow-up your events with an evaluation form, so that you can organize better events in the future. With the right feedback, you could increase the support for your non-profit.

  • Donations form.

    When people sign up for newsletter, they show that they are willing to help. Go ahead and request them for donations.

  • Volunteer form.

    Thank and motivate volunteers, and helpers with promotions, or credits. And when you embed a volunteer form in your website, they would in turn share your form with friends and in social circles.