Form Integrations for effortless data collection.

Integrate online forms and make the most of your form data by sending them to all your tools. Trigger actions based on the responses you receive and increase productivity without breaking a sweat with our app integrations for online forms.

    Zoho Apps

    • Zoho CRM Forms
      Zoho CRM

      Create and update CRM records, trigger workflows, send attachments, and capture GCLID.

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    • Zoho Forms for Zoho Campaigns
      Zoho Campaigns

      Add each respondent as a contact in Zoho Campaigns as soon as they fill out your form.

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    • Zoho Desk Forms
      Zoho Desk

      Add Zoho Forms submissions as support tickets in Zoho Desk.

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    • Zoho SalesIQ for Zoho Forms
      Zoho SalesIQ

      Track website visitor details in Zoho SalesIQ from Zoho Forms submissions.

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    • Zoho Sheet

      Save your form entries in Zoho Sheet and store form attachments in Zoho Docs. 

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    • Zoho Sign
      Zoho Sign

      Send merged documents to form respondents and get them digitally signed.

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    • Recruitment Forms
      Zoho Recruit

      Store candidates and contacts collected using Zoho Forms in Zoho Recruit. 

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    • Zoho Projects for Zoho Forms
      Zoho Projects

      Create tasks in your Zoho Projects portal when new form submissions are made. 

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    • Zoho Flow for Zoho Forms
      Zoho Flow

      Manage your form submissions better by integrating with over 150 apps using Zoho Flow.

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    Other Apps

    • Office 365
      Office 365

      Add users from your Office 365 account to your Zoho Forms organization

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    • G Suite

      Store your form submissions, assign tasks and manage your entire workflow right from your G Suite account.

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    • Salesforce Forms

      Add new contacts and leads in Salesforce from Zoho Forms submissions.

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    • Zoho Forms - Zapier Integration

      Trigger actions in 1000+ applications based on your customer's responses with Zapier.

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    • Microsoft Teams
      Microsoft Teams

      Receive instant notifications in your Microsoft Teams channel when new form submissions are made.

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    • Google Sheets Integration
      Google Sheets

      Save your form entries in Google Sheets and store form attachments in Google Drive. 

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    • WordPress

      Use our plugin to embed forms in your website right from WordPress.

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    • WebMerge

      Merge form responses to a template and setup workflows with WebMerge.

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      Integrate with 100+ apps using and automate business workflows. 

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