Form templates for HR teams.

HR teams serve your employees, and ensure you have the best team. Help your HR team get their work done with the power of online forms.

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Handling new recruits.

  • Job application.

    Recruitment is a challenge for any business. A simple job application form, eliminates the process of going through resumes, sorting, stacking and filtering them. With resumes accessible any time, your recruiters can take that break.

  • Emergency information.

    Once you filter candidates, you have to collect their details. Share an emergency information form and collect data from new employees. With data saved in the cloud, you don't have to worry about the manual process of transferring and updating data.

Managing employees.

  • Employee evaluation.

    Like elementary teachers, your HR team deals with countless employee problems every day. With a powerful online employee evaluation form, employees can share their views without offending another.

  • Employee satisfaction.

    Besides evaluating peers, employees also love to share their thoughts about you. An employee satisfaction form helps you bridges the gap between you and your employees.

Letting go.

  • Resignation form.

    It's never easy to let go of a good employee. Every employee who leaves has valuable feedback. With a resignation form, your HR team can analyze what went wrong, take corrective measures, and improve employee welfare.