Date Field

Date Field

With the Date field in Zoho Forms, you can customize calendars to set the range of dates that you want to allow your respondents to choose from. You can set the starting day of all the weeks across the calendar, allow respondents to pick dates that fall on specific days, and much more.

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The following settings can also be configured in the Properties pane of Date field. For details on field types and properties, go to Field Types

Initial Value

  1. Select the date from the date picker to be autofilled when a respondent accesses a form.
  2. To autofill the date on which the respondent is filling the form, select the Autofill Date of Response checkbox. 

Week Starts On

  1. Click the Week Starts On dropdown
  2. Select your preferred day on which your week should start in the calendar. 

For example, you could select Tuesday as the start of each week in your calendar. 

Allowed Days

  1. By default, all days will be enabled for the respondents.
  2. Uncheck the day(s) that you want to disable from the calendar every week. 

For example, if Saturdays and Sundays are unchecked, both these days will be disabled from the calendar every week. 

Allowed Dates

  1. Click the Allowed Dates dropdown.
  2. Select the date option that you wish to enable for your respondents.

You can select from the following options:

  • All Dates: All dates across the calendar will be enabled.
  • Past Dates: Only past dates from the date of form response will remain enabled.
  • Future Dates: Only future dates from the date of form response will remain enabled.

Note: Under the Past Dates and Future Dates, select Include Date of Response to enable the date of form submission in the date picker.

  • Date of Response: Only the date on which the form is submitted will be enabled.
  • Start From: Dates after this date will be enabled.
  • End On: Dates before this date will be enabled. 
  • Range: Choose a Start Date and an End Date. Only the dates between the selected range will be enabled.

Setting up Start From, End On, and Range for Allowed Dates

For Start From, End On, and Range options, you can select from any of the following options:

  • Date of Response
  • Date from the calendar
  • Date from other Date fields in the form
  • Customize using Additional Options

Note: You can only select the Date fields that are configured above the Date field that you are setting up.

Additional Options in Allowed Dates

This setting can be configured for Start From, End On, and Range options under Allowed Dates. 

  1. Choose Start From, End On, or Range under Allowed Dates.
  2. Click Additional Options.

  1. In the pop-up, select the date from which the range should start/end.
  2. Select Plus (+) or Minus (-) to configure interval from the range start/end. 
  3. Enter the interval in numbers or choose another field to set the value as interval by clicking
  4. Select the unit for interval in Days, Allowed Days, Weeks, Months, or Years
  5. Click Done.
  6. The summary of your configuration will appear in the Properties pane. 

  1. Click the summary box to change the configuration, or Clear to reset. 

For example, in a hotel room booking system where your respondents are required to book a room for at least two days, but for no more than 15 days, you can customize the Check-out Date depending on the Check-in Date they choose as follows: 
Under Allowed Dates, select Range and choose Additional Options under Starts From and Ends On.

This enables the selection of Check-out Date from one day after the Check-in Date to 14 days after the Check-in Date. The rest of the dates will be disabled.

If 02-Jul-2020 is given as the Check-in Date, the range of dates that will be enabled for the respondent to check out will be as shown:

  1. The value in the number field can either be given manually or taken from other fields in the form that are configured above the Date field you are configuring (Number, Formula, Rating, Slider, Dropdown, Radio). You must assign values to the dropdown and radio choices to include them.


  • To rearrange any field in the form that is associated with a Date field, you must remove the association of the field with the respective Date field.
  • Date range validations will not be applicable for updated records (record edit, task edit, approval edit).

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