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After you build your form, you can share them anywhere on the web and social media for your respondents to find and fill them out. Anyone with the public link to your form can access the form and submit an entry. The link can also be used to embed your form in web pages using embed options like Iframe, JSCode, HTML code, etc. You can also track the pages, from where your respondents referred to your form.

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Share a link

You can share your forms anywhere on the web as a publicly accessible link. Anyone can access your form and submit an entry with the permalink.

To get your form's permalink,

  1. Log in to your form builder.
  2. Click the Share tab.
  3. Under Share With, click Public.
  4. Copy the link under Form Permalink (URL) and share it with your audience.
  5. Alternatively, you can shorten the form's permalink with the Shorten URL option. The shortened URL will be generated below your form's permalink, and you can share this to receive form submissions.  
  6. At any time, you can choose to disable the public link of a form.


  • The Shorten URL option is available only in our paid plans.
  • If the public URL of a form is disabled, the form will no longer be accessible through links shared via any medium (direct link, social media sharing, email campaigns), or any embed codes used in the web pages.
  • Once the public link of a form is disabled, submitting new entries and Save/Update actions will no longer be allowed.The saved links of a form to resume submissions later will also be disabled.

Share Form on Social Media

You can directly share your form on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Click the social media icon of your choice and share your form on your social network. 

Track referrals

Know where your respondents find your form link by tracking referrals. With this feature, you will know where most of your traffic is originating from.

To track referrals, you need to add a tracking parameter at the end of your Form Permalink (URL) before sharing or embedding it. This way you'll know which marketing campaign is bringing in most of your registrants.

Say, you are sharing your form on Twitter and Facebook. Add a tracking parameter accordingly to the permalink of your form when sharing.

For Facebook:

For Twitter:

By doing so, you will be able to know if a customer signed up on seeing your Facebook post, or your tweet.

Tracking Results

  • To know the results, click Reports tab >> All Entries.
  • A new column - Referrername, will be added. The referrername you had specified in your URL would be mentioned here. This will tell you where that particular registrant found your form.

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